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Canadian M1910 Ross Bayonet

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This example has the more common Mark II unfullered ‘Quill-point’ blade, modified from the original for better performance in the thrust. Wood grips, leather scabbard with steel throat and button chape, leather stapled frog.

Pommel is marked with the broad arrow, a crown inspection stamp, ‘11’, indicating that it is a Mark II, ‘7/16’, indicating that it was manufactured in July 1916, as well as the maker’s mark ‘Ross Rifle Co. / Quebec / Patented 1907’. The wood grip is also stamped with the 7/16 date mark and an ‘R’, which is unusual. Tang of the blade has crown inspection marks. Chape end of scabbard is marked with ‘1916’, again, the year of manufacture, ‘RRC’ (Ross Rifle Company), another broad arrow and ‘MK. II’. The matching dates and similarly good condition strongly suggest that bayonet and scabbard are an original pair. Reverse of frog is marked ‘C / A D / 82’.

The Ross rifle was used during WW1 by Canadian troops but underperformed on the battlefield and was withdrawn in 1916 in favour of the Lee Enfield. Most were kept for training purposes while 20,000 were sold to the United States. Thousands were issued to the British Home Guard during WW2, and a few bayonets used by the SAS to fit Thompson submachine guns.


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