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Belgian M1965 FN FAL Export Bayonet

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Double-edged knife blade, steel hilt with muzzle ring and flash hider prongs, wood scale grips secured by two rivets, steel pommel. Blued steel scabbard with frog hook.

Pommel is stamped with the serial number ‘10292’.

This bayonet fits the .308 calibre Fabrique National Fusil Automatique Leger, or FN FAL battle rifle. Introduced in 1954, the rifle and its custom bayonet enjoyed great commercial success, and were exported to many NATO and non-aligned nations during the Cold War, earning the rifle the nickname ‘the right arm of the free world’.  It is still in use in many places around the world today.

The FAL bayonet contained some design features not normally found in a bayonet, including a flash hider to reduce the visibility of the rifle’s muzzle flash when firing, and a recoil system built into the pommel which allowed the bayonet to move slightly when the rifle fires, supposedly dampening the movement of the muzzle and producing a more accurate shot.

Some minor dents to the wood grips and some rubbing to the phosphate blade and blued steel components.


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